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Since I only just heard a caller to a radio talk show use the phrase, I suppose I am late to this “party.” What party? Well, here is the phrase.

I identify as vaccinated.

When I first heard the phrase, I was puzzled. What is that about? After a moment, I figured it out and chuckled. Then I wondered. How long had that idea been floating about? So, I searched.

I did not do an extremely careful search, but “The Babylon Bee,” that most prestigious of news organizations, seems to have had the earliest scoop. However, that phrase may have been printed on a tee-shirt at an earlier date. There are certainly a large number tee-shirt websites peddling the phrase.

Anyway, it is too late for me. I have already been vaccinated, but it not too late for some of you. If you have not been vaccinated, and you are more afraid of needles than COVID-19, or you have a health condition that makes vaccination too risky, there is a solution. Just identify with the vaccinated. What are the vaccination Nazis going to say? Don’t these same people think we can identify with:

  • The “gender” of our choice. What have your genes got to do with it?
  • The race of our choice. Cometic surgery and skin treatments are wonderful, right?
  • The ethnicity of our choice. We just have to study up and learn the lingo.
  • The religion of our choice. Is doctrine more important than our desire to signal our virtue?
  • The disability of our choice. Why should the disabled and elderly get all the best parking spots?

Just tell ’em you are following the science, that it is your consensus (which is just as good as the consensus of mostly anonymous “scientists”) that you have vacinated because you feel like you have been vaccinated. If you are just trying to convince a bunch of people who think we change our sex, race, or ethnicity on a whim, what other proof should you need?

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  1. that is great! Giving the nuts a does of their own medicine!

  2. And that would be dose 🙄

  3. Tricia says:

    LOL Tom! That’s my ace in the hole line!

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