Things are getting weird. The Democratic Party doesn’t seem to have much use for the police. Consider what is happening in Virginia.

The Virginia Police Benevolent Association (VPBA) blasted the Democrat Party’s candidates for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general, after none of them showed up to a candidate screening event Thursday.

“We are concerned and surprised that none of the Democratic candidates were willing to meet with our representatives and discuss issues that are important to our members,” Sean McGowan, executive director of the VBPA reportedly said. “This is the first time in the history of the Virginia PBA that an entire ticket refused to meet with our law enforcement representatives.”

Former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, the Democrat gubernatorial nominee, current Attorney General Mark Herring who is running for re-election, and Del. Hala Ayala (D-District 51) who is running for lieutenant governor are the three candidates who did not attend the event.

Herring was the only Democrat candidate who even responded to the VBPA’s invitation.

Continued at Virginia’s Dem Candidates for Governor Refuse to Meet with Police Union – The Virginia Star

What was the result? Virginia Police Benevolent Association Announces Endorsement of Glenn Youngkin for Governor (sspba.org).

Of course there was not much coverage of this in the so-called mainstream news media. Nevertheless, Democrats seem to be concerned about their rapidly declining reputation with the police. Using a bill larded with pork as her example, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki even accused Republicans of wanting to defund the police, Jen Psaki Doubles Down On Claiming Republicans Wanted To Defund The Police (thefederalist.com). However, all the cities that have actually defunded police departments are run by Democrats, Jen Psaki accuses Republicans of defunding police after they voted against bill with $350B for cops | Daily Mail Online.

Consider Police Department Seeks Applicants for Police Cadet Program (pwcva.gov), the website where the picture of that Prince William Police cruiser came from. We need to recruit honorable young men and women to serve us police officers. If our leaders don’t respect the police, even when they have been running the police departments they are complaining about for decades, that is a problem. Unless our police officers know we respect and appreciate what they do for us, who is going to accept the difficult job of being a police officer? If the politicians we elect don’t respect the police, who is going to enforce our laws? The pay is not that good. Do we even want the people who would take that job just for the money?

If you are curious about the police officers who serve us in Prince William County or interested in serving your fellow citizens as a police officer in Prince William County, please visit Join Prince William County Police Department.

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