Why do we celebrate the 4th of July? Well, some say this is the day we celebrate our independence from King George III and his United Kingdom, but they are wrong. Read the Declaration of Independence (America’s Founding Documents | National Archives). When we celebrate this day, we celebrate our joint commitment to live as a free people. We celebrate our God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Why do we need to celibrate such a day? Why do we need to celebrate the beginning of a long, bloody, and arduous war? Don’t we need to remind ourselves of the cost of freedom, of the price that those who went before us paid? Don’t we need to pull our heads out of our day-to-day lives and contemplate what we must do to remain free?

Even when America was still a colony, well before the American Revolution, people came to America for religious freedom, to escape the tyranny of violent busybodies who in the name of their religion policed every thought and deed of their fellow citizens. Well, people have not changed. We still have violent busybodies among us. We still have people who would use the law to force others to adopt their religious beliefs.

Think about the LGBTQ alphabet soup movement. Sex is not real, but our gender “choice” is? Some people seem to think so. The White House has issued executive orders (Here is the latest: Executive Order on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility in the Federal Workforce | The White House.) that increasingly insist we must respect every sexual delusion imaginable. Even our own state of Virginia put out Model Policies for the Treatment of Transgender Students in Virginia’s Public Schools, which threatens to force girls into restrooms and locker rooms with boys who would have us believe they are girls. At the rate things are going, soon even here in Virginia we will have boys who insist they are girls competing on girls sports teams and even sleeping with girls on overnight trips.

Frankly, it is getting easier and easier to believe that our government is trying to groom our children for pedophiles. Imagine life just a few years down the road. You want to be a teacher or work with children? Then you have to take an oath that you will affirm whatever sexual lunacy someone (or just the mass media) has coached a child to accept.

  • The kid wants a sex change? Great?
  • Preferred pronouns? Great?
  • Sex with your father? That is just keeping it in the family?
  • Bestiality? Why not? The Internet is already flooded with it, and it just brings us closer to our pets.

Your conscience will not allow you to affirm any of that? You don’t worship sexual pleasure? You want to protect children from sexual exploitation? You won’t affirm diversity just to avoid hurting the feelings of a sexual predator? Well, that just makes you a bigot and unwilling to accept the choices of others.

You say I am joking? Look at Loudoun County School Board’s attempt to punish Tanner Cross.

Cross had been placed on administrative leave after he expressed his concerns at a May 25 school board meeting that a transgender policy under consideration violated his religious beliefs and was harmful to children.

“I will not affirm that a biological boy can be a girl and vice versa because it is against my religion,” Cross stated during the public comments portion of the meeting. “It’s lying to a child. It’s abuse to a child. And it’s sinning against our God.”

ADF Brief Defends Reinstatement of Teacher Tanner Cross from Loudon Co. School Board’s Appeal | CNSNews

Cross is still fighting in court. That school board is that nutty.

Meanwhile, we have parents all around the country fighting against Critical Race Theory in the public schools, but the battle is especially hot here in northern Virginia.

So, celebrate the 4th of July. Just remember.

  • To set aside some time to read Declaration of Independence (America’s Founding Documents | National Archives).
  • To ask yourself a question or two. Are you willing to fight for the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Will you protect our children, or will you sacrifice them to the whims of violent busybodies?
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  1. Tricia says:

    So we’ll said Tom! The very foundational principles this country was founded on are under attack and so many either deny it or just keep their head in the sand because it makes life easier.

    We have to remember why Independence Day is so important and remain vigilant to the forces trying to tear the country apart.

    Happy Independence Day to you and your family!

  2. I was reading an article today about Catholics in the budding new nation—there was only one Catholic who signed the Declaration of Independence, Charles Carroll of Maryland—

    In fact the colonies created many laws which forbid Catholics from serving within the public life
    of running the business of the various colonies or holding any public office,

    Freedom wasn’t so free for the Catholic faith.

    Despite Maryland being named for a Catholic Queen consort, the colony did not allow Carroll to serve in office, yet the powers that be saw his potential and appointed him to various duties within the governing of Maryland. He was a huge proponent for Independence, and yet despite a bleak looking future for those of his Christian faith, Carroll was sent to the Continual Congress to represent Maryland.

    George Washington had actually promoted the idea of liberty for this of the Catholic faith but that was to be a long hard fought road.
    There remained a deep resentment against the Church of Rome.

    It lingered all the way up to 1960 until the election of young Catholic man from Massachusetts.
    Even my maternal grandmother refused to vote for Kennedy because she said no Catholic
    should ever be president.
    Funny that her granddaughter now leans toward Catholicism more so than that of her Anglican roots.
    My maternal grandmother was Presbyterian and eventually softened her stance, especially
    after my mom married and became an Episcopalian.

    So today when I hear the voices of Black Congressional leaders lamenting in their ignorance…that this nation’s commemoration of Independence was only intended for white men…well, I want to cry a decisively loud shout of foul!!! ‘Shame on you!!!!’

    This Nation’s beginning of independence was just that…a beginning.
    It would be a matter of deep growth and painful growing pains…spread out over decades of time.
    But it was growth that moved ever forward.

    So I find it a tad odd, that both Madame Speaker and President Biden have never raised a word of ire that their faith had been openly persecuted within the 13 colonies… yet they will loudly support the likes of Maxine and Cori in their divisive ignorance.

    In fact, I’ve not heard a single Catholic ever complain that the 4th of July was not a true representation of them or of their faith—quite the contrary.
    Our Jewish brethren might also have a bit of room to complain…but they have not
    complained either.

    Seems there are some lessons here to be learned…

    • Tom Salmon says:


      There is a lot of bitterness in people, and some politicians make use of it to further their own ambitions. If we don’t we don’t want to be taken advantage of, we have to give up our desire for vengenance.

      I was raised a Catholic. My father was of Irish descent, and he had little to say about politics or religion. However, even though he was in the USAF, his sympathies for the IRA, then regarded in the USA as a terrorist organization, occasionally came through. Still, he never taught his children to hate anyone. Since my mother was of English descent, that would have been quite awkward.

      As a nation we are still fighting over what constitutes legitimate discrimination based upon race, sex, and creed, Nevertheless, in recent years we have made what most people regard as progress. Unfortunately, we made the mistake of empowering our government to stick its nose into private entities where it has no business. So, those with a variety of agendas in identity politics, including Marxists, want a piece of that action. Busybodies love to boss others about, especially when they can profit from it.

      My personal opinion is that we should point to the Constitution. The 13th and 14th Amendments were passed to end slavery and prevent discrimination by the government, not to correct the choices of individuals or private entitities. If we keep our government as small as possible, we the people can work out most of the issues related to inappropriate discrimination on our own. That is, after all, what freedom and liberty requires. Only busybodies try to make everyone think and do everything the way they would do it.

      We need to remember that we all discriminate because we all make choices. If we make foolish choices (and we are allowed to suffer the consequences), eventually those bad choices catch up with us. A merchant, for example, who refuses to sell to blacks, loses a lot of business. On the other hand, if we make good choices, and we do our best to serve others impartially, people learn to trust us and want to do business with us.

      For good reason, Scatterwisdom likes to promote the wisdom of Solomon. We should all do this. If we want to live well and spend eternity with our Lord, we need to learn wisdom, and we need to teach our children wisdom.

      The Bible, not the government is the source of wisdom. The Bible teaches that the wise learn to discriminate properly, and the foolish learn how to discriminate improperly. The Bible teaches that the wise choose to do good, and the wise eventually benefit from their good choices. The Bible teaches that the foolish choose to do evil, and eventually the foolish suffer the consequences of their bad choices.

      With respect to wisdom, what does the government do? The foolish use the government to avoid the consequences of their actions. Instead of admitting their foolishness and repenting when they make a bad choice, the foolish expect the government to bail them out.

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