Abortion: Do You Give a Woof?

English: Painting by P. Mathews in or just after August 1838 of the Trial of Bill Burns, the first prosecution under the 1822 Martin’s Act for cruelty to animals, after Burns was found beating his donkey. The prosecution was brought by Richard Martin, MP for Galway, also known as Humanity Dick, and the case became memorable because he brought the donkey into court.
(from Animal rights – Wikipedia)

Today I have TV on. Here comes an ad with pitiful, starved and abused dogs and cats on the screen. Some are caged with little space to move around. Others are tethered without access to food or water. Their ribs are obvious, their eyes woebegone, their fur unruly and dirty. I feel my heart’s pain for those voiceless, mistreated animals, thanks to the ad’s sponsor, the ASPCA.

Strange. In all the times I’ve watched TV, I’ve never seen one ad about the to-be-pitied state of babies about to be aborted…no ultrasound images of a baby in utero sucking its thumb. No plea to save the life of a tiny, unborn child. No cry of shame or dismay for the soon-to-be-sucked from the womb little perfectly-formed bundle of human life.

No, that baby about to be sacrificed at the altar of convenience has no one who will stand up for it on TV and plead for a savior. Instead, there is absence of all reminders on TV that America sacrifices its babies at a rate of 2500 per day…lives that otherwise could one day be husbands and wives, parents, citizens, public service workers, teachers, cooks and chefs, doctors and nurses, college professors, wait staff, business owners, inventors, scientists, and ministers…

Planned Parenthood and its minions in politics and business silence any awareness the public could gain about the horrors of abortion. Instead, they infiltrate our schools with sex education that contaminates kids way before the information is appropriate for their innocent minds to handle. By the time elementary students hit puberty and experience their hormone surge, Planned Parenthood is conveniently on hand with condoms and encouragement about having an abortion, should a girl become pregnant.

How convoluted is our acceptance of putting the plight of mistreated animals above the destruction of human life as a whim of conscience—or lack thereof!  Though she discredits the Bible and all God has said within its pages about the sanctity of life, America cannot escape the promise of judgment to those who murder and destroy human life. Like it or not, she faces judgment for her gross sin. So, you may be one who promotes abortion and does not value human life. When the day comes that God does not value yours, what will you do then? What recourse will you have? Maybe the ASPCA.

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

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6 Responses to Abortion: Do You Give a Woof?

  1. Andy Oldham says:

    It’s a sad state of sin we are in. Don’t expect to see a TV ad about abortion. The sun has spread so far they won’t let truth correct them. Eventually it will destroy them for eternity!

  2. boudicaus says:

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    H/T Citizen Tom

  3. dolphinwrite says:

    We have infanticide in America. The freest country, and we’re murdering the most innocent, all in the name of freedom. We are losing our soul. And you can see it when you look in people’s eyes: a deadness. **I read an Almanac, and discovered that just a few years before Roe V Wade, abortion was few. Around that time, it skyrocketed, and not to save mothers.

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