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Looking around the area. Instead of just educating our children in the 3 R’s, various school boards are promoting “equity” and trying to turn them into Social Justice Warriors. Fortunately, parents are fighting back, and the Prince William County School Board is keeping a low profile, No plans follow Loudoun in limiting access to School Board meetings (potomaclocal.com).

Is The Constitution A Racist Document?

Is the Constitution a racist document? No! Yet some people think it is. Why? Well, I have a theory I would like to share with you. What qualifies me? Why should you listen?

  • I am a Baby Boomer, one who was educated in various schools all around the country. I belong to that generation famous for the Sex Revolution and not trusting anyone over thirty. So, I know what it is like to succumb to propaganda and escape it.
  • I did not form my theory in isolation or form it abruptly. The process took decades of observation and thought. Nevertheless, my theory is not complicated. Nor does it require anyone to take me on faith. You can see the same things, and you can form your own conclusions.

Where do we begin? By studying the Constitution? No. Instead, lets consider the definition of the generation gap.

Definition of generation gap

the differences in opinions, values, etc., between younger people and older people

Generation Gap | Definition of Generation Gap by Merriam-Webster

Why would the opinions, values, etc., between younger people and older people be significantly different? Does it make sense for children to disagree with their parents and other elders? Not really.

  • Older people have more experience than younger people. In part, we gain wisdom from experience, and it does not take much experience to realize that.
  • Older people instruct younger people. That instruction includes all kinds of things. In particular, however, to impart their values to them, older people instruct younger people .
  • Parents and children usually love each other.

Given that younger people have good reasons to respect the opinions and values of their elders, why would the generation gap amount to anything? Look around, and we can find various excuses. Most relate to the fact that each generation has different experiences related to such things as war, economic calamity, epidemics, social changes like the civil rights movement, technological changes, religious movements, and so forth. Language can also separate generations. Our young people are famous for inventing their own words. Moreover, young people are famous for being rebellious. Still, we have to ask why young people would want to be rebellious. Where is this motivation coming from?

Consider something we often overlook. Because our government has a virtual monopoly on education, we have a difficult time keeping people with awful ideas from teaching our children. Instead of parents deciding who gets paid for teaching their children, politicians decide, and like it or not, as voters we don’t do a good job of electing our leaders. Hence politicians pick the people who choose:

  • What our children are taught,
  • The instructional material our children use.
  • The method of instruction used to teach our children.
  • The instructors who teach our children.

Unfortunately, as we have seen graphically demonstrated here of late, politicians do not do a good job of keeping those with radical interests from gaining control over the education of our children.

So, what is the real problem, the most likely cause of the generation gap. As parents we Americans don’t make enough effort to keep radicals from teaching our children lies. If we let people who hate the Constitution teach our children, why should we surprised if our children think the Constitution is a racist document? If our children are being taught by radicals, why should we be surprised when our children come home with radical ideas?

Is the Constitution a racist document? Is it even rational to believe our Constitution is racist? Not if we have any appreciation of history.

Slavery is an age-old institution. For the most part people have always accepted slavery as a fact of life. Our ancestors just prefered being slave owners instead of slaves. After studying their Bibles, however, Christians in the United Kingdom and the United States fought to end slavery, and their fight to end slavery took a long period of time.

When was our Constitution written? Our Constitution was written when Americans were still divided over slavery. Because many Americans had little use for slavery, they wanted it to end. Others, however, still supported slavery. Therefore, in order to bring all thirteen of the original states into the union, the framers of the Constitution had to find a compromise. Hence, the Constitution did two things.

Ironically, those who call the Constitution racist point to limiting the voting power of the slave states in the House of Representatives as racist. In particular, when slaves were not allowed to vote, they are offended by the fact that slaves were counted as only three-fifths of a person. Why aren’t they offended by the fact that they were counted at all? Sadly, the young people who think the Constitution racist were just not properly taught American history.

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13 Responses to TAKING BACK OUR SCHOOLS — NO QUICK FIX (August 7, 2021)

  1. Doug says:

    This is why the Founders created a dynamic document in the Constitution… one that could be changed and amended as times progressed. It wasn’t meant to be a “bible”. Although I do contend that the Constitution is a document of faith, much like the Bible.

    • Tom Salmon says:


      Not sure how your comment addresses this post, but I will respond anyway.

      Was the Constitution intended to be a Bible? Of course not. The Constitution doesn’t mention God, but it is an implementation of the sort of government mentioned in the Declaration of Independence, which does mention God.

      It is somewhat debatable just exactly how its framers expected the Constitution to work. That’s because they did not foolishly try to go into humongous detail. Nevertheless, the Constitution shows a strong, Biblical understanding of the sinfulness of the human heart. The basic thing the Constitution was intended to do was to give the Federal Government enough power to get the job done without giving it tyrannical powers.
      1. The Constitution is a charter. It gives the Federal Government specified powers. Not in the Constitution? Then the Federal Government is not supposed to do it. Read the 10th Amendment.
      2. The Constitution provides checks and balances. The powers of the government are divided between the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial branches. Any two can check the third branch.
      3. Congress is the most powerful branch. Congress controls taxing and spending. The power of Congress is divided among 535 people.
      4. The states were intended to be the most powerful level of government. The states can unite to oppose the Federal Government. That includes amending the Constitution.

      Is the Constitution a dynamic document? Even though there are a couple ways to formally amend the Constitution, it actually has not often been amended. One of the ways to amend the Constitution has never even been used. Arguably, the way the Constitution has been most “amended” is by elected officials and judges saying the Constitution says stuff it does not say. If we want the rule of law instead of the rule of tyrants, that is not a good thing.

      Is the Constitution a document of faith? Yes and no.

      Yes. The Constitution exists as an instruction manual for the operation of our government. If the Constitution is to work, then we must have faith that our elected officials and civil servants will keep their oaths to support and defend it. We must also have faith in our ability to use the Constitution to control those elected officials and civil servants who refuse to obey the Constitution. Given the willingness of so many of our elected officials and civil servants to ignore the Constitution, I suspect many people are losing faith in the Constitution.

      No. Is the Constitution like the Bible? No. The Constitution is not the revelation of God. The Constitution is just the Law of the Land. We are not supposed to worship either our government or our laws. We are supposed to pray that God will guide our officials and help us make our government work.

      • Doug says:

        “I suspect many people are losing faith in the Constitution. ”

        I fully concur with that statement, Tom.
        As for the Constitution being taught as being a racist document… I have no firsthand or second hand knowledge of anything formal like that. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist perhaps… but what is a measure of fact.. government and the Constitution are NOT covered properly in classrooms because a large percentage of our population doesn’t know how things operate.

        • Tom Salmon says:


          Well, I have firsthand knowledge of people who think the Constitution is racist. So do you. When people say our nation is systemically racist, don’t you think that includes the Constitution?

          • Doug says:

            Not in the least. Humans make the Constitution work or not work. I dare suggest a fair number of “systemic” things have economic and/or cultural ties that might suggest a racial disparity.

          • Tom Salmon says:


            You are just being evasive.

          • Doug says:

            I think “systemic” describes the way in which our laws are administered… not necessarily the laws themselves.

          • Tom Salmon says:


            If we had systemic racism, both our laws and their administration would be racist.

          • Doug says:

            I agree that “systemic” could be both and separate. Example.. there’s the disparity between the percent of black population in America and the representation of blacks incarcerated in our prisons as being greatly higher. The debate is to the “why” that has occurred. We can presume the laws they have broken are the same for all, then absolutely we can cite that the administration of those laws, coupled with certain cultural, economic, and social disparities (as well as “normal” human racial bias), can prove to enhance the numbers of blacks being incarcerated over whites. The laws themselves are not negatively systemic but rather the enforcement and judicial process by which they can be represented by legal counsel definitely is systemic.
            Now.. we can drag out the Bible and cite all the things at issue within the black family that seem to be accepted in black urban family culture that tends to contribute to acts that lead to incarceration in the first place… but that’s a debatable remedy of the problem and not part of some systemic thing.

          • Tom Salmon says:


            The USA is becoming systemically racist. This racism is not reflected in our Constitution. In fact, the constitutional amendments resulting from the Civil War prohibit racist government policies. Unfortunately, racists are rebelling against our Constitution, and the have been increasingly successful in their endeavors.

            Prior to the implementation of the welfare state and the mess we have made of inner city public schools, blacks had strong families. Now they don’t, and that is a disaster.

            Families provide the primary civilizing influence upon children, not government programs.

            Instead of taking responsibility for their failures, the people responsible for promoting the welfare state and our failing public schools blame racism and propose fixes like affirmative action. Like idiots we have given people who use their failures as an excuse to demand more power more power. So, they have passed laws that are not constitutional. Given the opportunity, they will rewrite the Content. As it is, they have had the courts saying the Constitution says whatever they want it to say.

            So yes, the USA is systemically racist. The expression that describes it is “the soft bigotry of low expectations.”

          • Tom Salmon says:


            I suppose I should explain how you are being evasive. Government is a cultural institution. Without government intervention, racism is unsustainable. Racism, because it has no economic benefit, doesn’t make economic sense.

  2. dolphinwrite says:

    We might have gotten our education relatively within the same time period, but having said that, the more I learn, the more I realize how poor our history and science education was back when. I pondered why? I can only imagine elements were already at work to dumb down our learning, such that, when we grew up, we wouldn’t understand what “they”, the ones who influenced our curriculums, were doing and why. We wouldn’t even understand that what’s happening in America, these past couple of decades or more, has happened to other countries over and over. Nothing new. We just don’t see it. ** I’ve said this before, and I know exactly what I’m talking about, but I would not send my worst enemy’s kids to these propaganda camps. The students get dum#er, their lights dimmer, and their thinking more backwards, the longer they remain. Home school people.

    • Tom Salmon says:


      We have a tendency to attribute more malign genius to our enemies than they have. Government run schools are Socialist institutions. Socialist institutions, because they can use government power to eliminate competition, tend to get worse over time. We could go back to the 1830’s, when Horace Mann first started promoting public schools, and have predicted as much.

      Satan may be behind our declining education system, but the deliberate malice of scheming human beings? Probably not.

      Homeschooling a good idea? For some people? Yes.

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