Cal Thomas is a respected columnist who has been around for decades. Still, he seems decidedly impressed by a certain governor.

They have been called many things: amoebas, spineless cowards, weaklings, and other names not suitable for print in a family newspaper.

The word ” weenie ” is the modern characterization for many politicians who refuse to take a stand, especially in the midst of the growing and rapid threat of American socialism.

People fear being called names for expressing personal convictions (assuming they have any), so they either say nothing or go along to get along.

Not Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, who increasingly resembles the type of leader the country needs as the Biden administration appears to try and transform us into a nation the polar opposite of what the Founders intended and the Constitution prescribes.

Continued => DeSantis is standing up to Biden and his political weenies

DeSantis is no weenie. DeSantis has taken the position that the citizens he leads have the right to make their own choices. DeSantis clearly believes his job is to defend his state and the rights of his people. Hence, Thomas is impressed. Perhaps he is even a bit relieved to see at least one leader who takes his task, defending the rights of the people, seriously.

How serious is the threat to our rights? Consider the words of another man who fought the good fight, Newt Gingrich.

Watching television coverage of people crossing the border illegally at our southern border, I began to wonder: Where are they going?

I was shocked to learn that the Biden administration refuses to tell the states and cities how many people they are sending – and who they are sending. Apparently, immigrants just get put on airplanes, buses, and trains and go off into America.

We are learning that a substantial number of the people who have crossed the border illegally have COVID-19. McAllen, Texas, had to declare a state of emergency when 7,000 infected immigrants arrived there. So, the Biden government could send people with COVID-19 to your neighborhood and then refuses to tell you that it has put you at risk. 

Some of the illegal immigrants have gang connections, including members of the famous MS-13 El Salvadorian gang. Keep in mind, a 2020 Department of Justice report found that 74 percent of the MS-13 defendants in custody were here illegally. Under the wide-open Biden policy, they can be sent into your town without you knowing it.

What makes President Biden’s policy, so infuriating is its sheer scale.

Continued => Where are the illegal immigrants going? – Washington Times

Our president is supposed to take the lead in defending our nation. Instead, while his administration is conniving ways to spend huge sums of money on “human infrastructure” and designing ways to tie us up in knots — ostensibly to protect us from COVID-19 — he has thrown our borders wide open, even helping ILLEGAL immigrants with active COVID-19 cases to travel freely.

“Weenie” doesn’t describe this sort of reckless behavior. We may never know for certain whether Biden and his cronies stole the election or won it fairly, but one thing is certain. The Biden administration is not working for the American people. The Biden administration is not on our side. Instead of trying to protect our rights, too many of our leaders are trying to rob and subjugate us. Consider just the issues related to COVID-19 and our unprotected border.

  • COVID-19 is a real disease, but the threat posed by it does not justify shutting down our society. Yet, that is what the fearmongers who lead us want to do. Meanwhile, they ignore the fact that the virus was probably made in a Chinese germ warfare lab, and they have flip-flopped repeatedly. That includes: the danger posed by the disease, the usefulness of masks, mask mandates, and the efficacy of the vaccine. Is it any wonder that so many people think that the Biden administration’s COVID-19 policy has nothing to do with stopping the spread of the disease?
  • In addition to indifferently allowing people with active cases of COVID-19 to spread the disease throughout our nation, throwing our borders open requires costly social spending. The vast majority of these new immigrants don’t have job skills. They bring poverty, ignorance, and crime. They compete for jobs with our unskilled workers. The criminals among them prey upon the weak and unsuspecting. They burden our public schools. In addition to teaching the children of American citizens, our public schools now have to teach children who cannot even speak English. This may be good for the teachers unions, but what about the rest of us? What about our children?

How is this revelant to us? We don’t live in isolation. Whatever we do affects others. Our border policy is a good example.

The so-called mainstream news media is not covering illegal immigrants surging into Texas, but this story affects us too. Because the DC metropolitan area is a popular destination for new immigrants, what is happening at our nation’s southern border is revelant here too. That is why we need to vote for leaders who believe in protecting our rights and our nation.

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  1. Doug says:

    DeSantis is NOT a weenie… not at all. Rather.. his state leads the nation in Covid “everything”. People, including kids are dying… and will continue to die. Going back to school?? Total idiocy in that state. The school districts ignoring DeSantis and listening to parents who want mask mandates are complete heroes. Honestly.. if I were a on a school board down there.. to save kids’ lives.. I would vote to close down the district rather than succumb to that clown’s Trumpian idiocy. No…DeSantis is not a weenie at all. He’s a complete and absolute P***K. As kids get sick and die from going to school down there…. there WILL be retribution somewhere along the line, by parents. And honestly… if any of my kids were in one of those school districts and got sick and incapacitated for life, or died in the process… you damn well can assume I would do something ala Hollywood. More than likely I’d not be sending my kid(s) to any school. Between that schmuck and Abbott with their misguided power-hungry nonsense… it sickens the crap outta me.

  2. Doug says:

    It’s been apparent that you prefer to ignore facts anyway… in favor of following you’re imagination. Interesting though.. we are way past Trump now. His supporters (you) have gone way beyond his ideology and have formed their (your) own.

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