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The differences between the candidates for the Democratic and Republican Parties probably has not been so stark since the American Civil War. So, we cannot rightfully complain there is no difference between the parties. We may wish instead that the differences were not leading to so much strife between us.

What are some of those differences? We have pointed to some them in our Voter Guides (see the 2nd District in VOTER GUIDES FOR CANDIDATES RUNNING FOR THE HOUSE OF DELEGATES IN PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY | Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance (

How is the race between Delegate Candi King and Gina Ciarcia going? Well, here is some of the news. Unfortunately, news reporting stinks. In addition to being highly partisan, the news media too often doesn’t have much to say about local elections. So, unless the candidates or their supporters run highly negative campaigns, say nasty enough things about each other to get attention, don’t expect much. We have to do most of our own research.

Op/Ed by Gina Ciarcia: My Fight is Right Here – The Bull Elephant provides an article written by one of the candidates. Here she explains what drove her to run for public office.

Behind the Polls: Who Is Gina Ciarcia? – PW Perspective provides a partisan perspective on Ciarcia from an organization that has endorsed Delegate Candi King. Without overtly negative observations, the article just quotes statements Ciarcia has made. Kind of wonder why they did not endorse Ciarcia. Similarly, Candi Mundon King (listed in Progressive Voters Guide) provides a partisan perspective on King from an organization that has endorsed King. The news media often more biased than these than these articles by partisan organizations, which is kind of funny.

Republicans Competitive to Retake Virginia House of Delegates Majority – The Virginia Star talks about the election like it is a horse race. Don’t forget to place your bets folks. Vote because you care about issues? What is that all about?

Prince William Democrats swamping GOP in money race | Headlines | and Democrats outbid Republicans in house races | Headlines | Virginia Views talk about fundraising. Democrats generally raise a great deal more money than Republicans. Elections: House of Delegates District 2 ( helps us to find out who is funding the candidates. Of course, who is funding a candidate suggests where a candidate’s loyalties reside.

Abortion rights at issue in local state House races after Texas ban | News | focuses on the abortion issue. Since the Supreme Court may return more authority for regulating abortion back to the states, this issue has gained importance.

Ciarcia responded to Ballotpedia‘s survey, Gina Ciarcia – Ballotpedia. King did not respond to Ballotpedia‘s survey. However, Ballotpedia has a fair amount of information on King, Candi King – Ballotpedia. That includes links to various legislative scorecard’s such as the one produced by The Family Foundation, 2021_TFF_ReportCard_Digital-Final.pdf (

Would you like to help us spread the word about the position of the candidates on issues important to you and your family? Then please let folks in Prince William County know about our voter guides.

Please link to our voter guides: VOTER GUIDES FOR CANDIDATES RUNNING FOR THE HOUSE OF DELEGATES IN PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY | Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance (

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