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Since Delegate Danica Roem and his allies insist that we affirm that he is a she, the race between Roem and Christopher Stone is dominated by transgender ideological issues. So, any search on the names of the candidates will bring up articles like these.

There is also another issue that grabs news media attention,

Unfortunately, relatively few people, generally wealthy people who want something from the candidates, contribute to political campaigns. Apparnetly, the average citizen doesn’t know enough to put his money where his mouth is, and that is sad.

Given that problem, what can we do? We can check who is funding the candidates. Who is funding each of the candidates is a good indication of who has the loyalty of each of the candidates. With that in mind, check out: The Virginia Public Access Project (

Since Stone has received relatively little funding, it would be absurd to claim he has been bought. Roem, on the other hand, has received a huge amount money. Since he is a junior legislator and half of that money came from out of state, it is worth considering who is giving him this money and what they expect for their money.

The focus on transgenderism and the lack of serious election coverage makes it difficult to find anything else about these candidates. However, there are other issues that distinguish these candidates, and these are also important. What are some of those differences? We have pointed to some them in our Voter Guides (see the 2nd District in VOTER GUIDES FOR CANDIDATES RUNNING FOR THE HOUSE OF DELEGATES IN PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY | Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance (

Roem responded to Ballotpedia‘s survey, Danica Roem – Ballotpedia. Stone did not respond to Ballotpedia‘s survey (see Christopher Stone – Ballotpedia). However, Stone did respond to our survey.

So, Ballotpedia has a fair amount of information on Roem, and we have some on Stone. Unfortunately, that information Ballotpedia provides does not include links to various legislative scorecard’s such as the one produced by The Family Foundation, 2021_TFF_ReportCard_Digital-Final.pdf ( So, here is a list.

What is the headache here? Elections often require us to make an apples and oranges comparison. The incumbent has a voting record, and the challenger does not. That means we have to look at the biography of the challenger to assess his integrity and compare that with the voting record of — the actual performance of — the incumbent. If we like what the challenger stands for, does his past life suggest he can be trusted to do what he says he will do? So, here are a couple of articles revelant to that issue.

Frankly, because of the publicity Roem got when he ran in 2019, there is a fair amount of biographic information on him. That includes his performances as the member of a metalhead band (search on transgender danica roem metalhead band), which is worth looking up, but don’t expect to find much in what we ordinarily call the “news media.”

With respect to Stone, since the news media is not paying much attention to him, our best bet is going to the candidate’s website.


Please link to our voter guides: VOTER GUIDES FOR CANDIDATES RUNNING FOR THE HOUSE OF DELEGATES IN PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY | Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance (

Please post our flyer on public bulletin boards or leave copies on tables so that voters can pick it up and share it:

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