Dress-up is a children’s game where a person wears costumes or articles of clothing for role-playing. When does changing one’s sex become more serious than a dress up game to a child?

A friend’s daughter has gone the route of transgenderism. She claims to be a male.

Her transition began long ago with her wearing pants and shirts, never skirted apparel. Following puberty, she bound her breasts tightly to disguise them as much as is possible. She wore her hair very short, though it was always styled attractively.

When she turned 18 and was considered an adult, she went even farther. She had bilateral mastectomies and began taking testosterone to induce masculinization of her body features. She is determined to be a man!

In today’s confused society did no one counsel this young woman about accepting her female gender as a gift from God? Did no one explain the downward spiral her life and body will take as she pursues surgeries and chemical therapy to revoke her femininity?

Perhaps someone tried to help her, but did no one tell her that what she is doing to her body is irreversible? Without breasts she will never nurse an infant if she regrets her decision down the road? Worse yet, the long-term risks of a female taking testosterone include infertility, sexual dysfunction, a cardiac event, endometrial cancer, vaginal and uterine atrophy, and frequent urinary tract infections. Didn’t anyone warn her?

How many similar cases occur in the US today? A whole generation of young women is being inundated with propaganda that makes gender identity as a male a way to join the ‘in’ crowd. It starts as a fad—and who doesn’t remember being a teenager and adopting a fad? It’s something kids do as they transition to adulthood.

But transgenderism isn’t a simple fad. Giggly girls are led to mutilate their bodies as well as their minds. It ruins their futures without relieving their anxieties and emotional desire for belonging.

Our society is taking the minds and hearts of our precious youth and adulterating them! Their lives will be ruined forever!

From whence comes this confusion? Recall in the ‘60s America banned prayer and Bible reading in the schools. Truth originates in God and without His word as a standard, our society is paying the price with confusion and its outcomes. Good has become bad and bad has become good! Our kids are paying the price for wrong decisions of past generations.

Their only shield is the truth found in the Bible and personal faith in Jesus Christ. Who will commit to making those truths known to a generation floundering in deception? A generation past made awful decisions to exclude God from our society. Who will stand for Him now and rescue our kids, victims of our past? It’s up to us! Are we willing? You are part of that answer.

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance


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  1. sklyjd says:

    “did no one counsel this young woman about accepting her female gender as a gift from God?”

    You have to be kidding Tom, these children if they were believers would be asking God why did he make them different or they would be hating God for what he had done to them. Do you really think God has anything to do with it? If he has he has a lot to answer for, has he not?

    So maybe he does not…..exist huh?

    • Tom Salmon says:


      God does not do something the way you would have it done it, So, He does not exist?

      I think you are trying to say God does not exist because a good God would not allow evil in the world. There are problems with that argument. For example, without God, how do we know the difference between good and evil? From where did you acquire your standard?

      What about that which you want to call a joke?

      “did no one counsel this young woman about accepting her female gender as a gift from God?”

      The one thing we can control to a large degree is our attitude. Consider.

      Philippians 4:10-14 New American Standard Bible

      10 But I rejoiced in the Lord greatly, that now at last you have revived your concern for me; indeed, you were concerned before, but you lacked an opportunity to act. 11 Not that I speak from need, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am. 12 I know how to get along with little, and I also know how to live in prosperity; in any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of being filled and going hungry, both of having abundance and suffering need. 13 I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. 14 Nevertheless, you have done well to share with me in my difficulty.

      Since I don’t read minds, I don’t exactly know what drives some people to want to change their sex.

      Is the desire for a sex change caused by a physical defect in the bodies of those suffering from gender dysphoria? There are some problems we know about, but they tend to be rare. So, there is no clear “scientific” answer. We do know, however, that the surgery and hormones required for a so-called gender transition are not healthy, and such intervention does not solve the problem. In fact, those who so transition tend to be more prone to suicide.

      Not one of us is given a perfect body. None of us have lives that seem perfect. Nevertheless, we all have the opportunity to be grateful for the opportunity to live. When we put our trust in our Creator, we all have good reason hope for eternal salvation. Thankfulness, therefore, seems to be an appropriate response.

      • sklyjd says:

        You state “Since I don’t read minds, I don’t exactly know what drives some people to want to change their sex.”
        I am no expert on this stuff but it has nothing to do with “reading minds”
        Transgender humans represent the complexity and diversity that are fundamental features of life, evolution and nature itself. That is a fact. Read all about it here.

        Of course you will reject much of the science and biological evolution but then this is a scientific website citing many years of research by various scientific fields, but when the alternative view is exposed, the ones that most of the religious hold being basically attributed to people making a choice due to influences from atheists and liberals and possibly with a helping hand from the devil himself. Simply unbelievable.

        • Tom Salmon says:


          Intellectual Dark Web? That’s a new one for me.

          You cite an article that right out of the box denigrates the opinions of those who disagree as scientifically irrevelant. Then the author proceeds to babble about the complexity of biology — that sex is not an entirely binary division between males and females. Given that there is only one chromosome involved, it is a wonder that the differences between male and female is so profound. Nevertheless, that they are.

          The funny thing about that article is the author doesn’t know all that much. The author has a lot of knowledge — even a degree or two, no doubt — but that article doesn’t show much wisdom or humility. We can babble all we want about the complexity of an issue, but we still don’t know what we don’t know. At best, we know what we don’t know.

          The difference between human beings and animals is that as human beings we can make moral choices, and ignorance does not excuse from making the best choices we can make based upon what we do know.

          You don’t like my moral choices? Well, science is not your friend.

          The Bible tells us tells us some important about our choices, and science does not disagree.
          1. We are fallen. We live in a world that is broken. Our bodies don’t work perfectly. So, when everything else is messed up, it is a good bet some people’s biological drives are messed up. I don’t know anyone whose brain works perfectly. Do you?
          2. We need to focus upon God and His commands. When we do what what seems right in our own eyes instead of God’s eyes, we tend to get it wrong.

          Even for Atheist, the problems that result when we limit ourselves to our own point of view should be obvious. Consider that you and I do tend to automatically see everything from our own point of view. Because of that, we immediately justify ourselves. Doesn’t that make each of us poor arbiters we have have a dispute with someone else?

          Since our own point of view is quite limited, we have to force ourselve to see things from another’s point-of-view. It is even more difficult to see things from a historical perspective or from a bird’s eye view. To see things from God’s point-of-view is still more difficult, but the Bible gives us that possibility. And justice requires us to strive to see things from God’s point-of-view.

          For example, if you have a child, and you raise that child to be a girl when biologically he is a boy, that is going to create problems for that child. It may be the latest scientific fad to “let” children choose their own sex (based upon our personal observations when a child is a toddler). It may even — because it is, after all, the latest fad — feed our ego. Nevertheless, our sexual inclinations are both genetically and environmentally driven, and even with the help of so-called experts, we don’t understand the variables involved. So, if boy looks like a boy, he may as well be raised as a boy, and girls who look like girls ought to be raised as girls. Regardless of the biological complexity of sex, when children reach puberty, gender confusion tends to fade way.
          3. Fornication is wrong. It does not matter whether involves a couple or an orgy. It doesn’t matter whether it is heterosexual or homosexual. It is wrong, and any halfway decent scientific study will back that up. Like it or not, condoms and contraceptives drugs don’t provide a good solution for the numerous problems caused by fornication.

          • sklyjd says:

            “The difference between human beings and animals is that as human beings we can make moral choices, and ignorance does not excuse from making the best choices we can make based upon what we do know.”

            Moral choices is the only explanation you have regarding anything. Animals do make moral choices but more common primarily in bonobos and chimpanzees, our nearest primate relatives.

            Renowned primatologist Frans de Waal makes his case for animal morality by citing scientific studies demonstrating animal benevolence. An experiment with rats, researchers find that if a rat is given the choice between two containers—one holding chocolate and one holding a trapped rat who appears to be suffering—the rat will try to help the suffering rat first before seeking the chocolate. Experiments like these show that animals make moral choices and that their behavior cannot be explained through natural selection.

            “I don’t know anyone whose brain works perfectly. Do you?” “We need to focus upon God and His commands. When we do what what seems right in our own eyes instead of God’s eyes, we tend to get it wrong.”

            I don’t know of anything that works perfectly all of the time and are you are basically saying that if I was a Christian I would agree with what you say? Gods eyes reflect the Biblical word and the bronze age that was full of violence, disease and death. We have morally progressed from those times.

            “For example, if you have a child, and you raise that child to be a girl when biologically he is a boy, that is going to create problems for that child.”

            Yes I agree, and if you bring up a child as a slave, a sex worker, a terrorist or the child is raised by a pack of criminals, wolves or apes the child is not going to have a normal life. The children are indoctrinated because they know nothing else, just as the churches and parents indoctrinate the children into their own religious beliefs and the religion of the region in which they live because they know nothing else.

            “A fad” Sorry but that is far too scientific for me.

          • Tom Salmon says:


            1. Can animals make moral decisions? It is a big error to anthropomorphize God. We are kind of stuck, however. We have to use references we can understand to understand to describe God.

            There is a similar issue with animals. When we try understand the behavior of animals, we are tempted to put ourselves in their “shoes,” but animals don’t wear shoes, and they don’t make complex moral decisions. When we anthropomorphize the behavior of animals, we may infer that they do, but such an inference is a big stretch.

            2. What about the perfect brain? God does have a perfect brain, and the Bible shows us He isn’t stuck in the Bronze Age. To the extent we have progressed in morality, we owe that progress to the Bible.

            All you have done is demonstrated both a lack of understanding of both the Bronze Age and the Bible. What the Old Testament teaches had nothing to do with Bronze Age morality. In fact, the Old Testament records how God discouraged the Hebrews from adopting a Bronze Age morality.

            3. What about raising boysl as girls, and vice versa? In spite of your snarky response, it seems you agreed with me.

            4. What about religion just being the result of how we are raised? There is some truth in the notion that we adopt the beliefs of our teachers. However, it is a vast oversimplification to argue that that is all their is to it. Because Socrates asked uncomfortable questions, he found himself persecuted. He made the young people think, and what they were thinking upset some of their elders.

          • sklyjd says:

            “It is a big error to anthropomorphize God.”

            Humans have anthropomorphized animals, gods, insects and aliens. Are not most pictures of Jesus and God depicted as a handsome human blue eyed movie star type? Like I have always maintained your God exists solely within your mind, you depict God just as you do anything.

            The old testament is drowned within the bronze age, it is full of destruction and death as you well know Tom. Morality since then in western societies has got rid of the stoning, the crucifixions, the slavery, the cutting off of limbs, persecution of women, unmarried mothers and homosexuals etc. Have you not noticed this?

            “What about religion just being the result of how we are raised?”

            Exactly, it is that simple, the children have no choice, they naturally believe what the parents believe, they cannot pick what religion they want or in fact be able to continue their lives as the default atheist position they were born into. The indoctrination process whether from natural theistic environments or targeted by religious preachers is the basics of why all todays religions have survived for so long. Of course you get the ultra gullible Christians who donate their lives and cash to the Dennis Copeland’s of this world and it just goes to prove how insecure people can be and that they have an emotional need to believe in something supernatural.

          • Tom Salmon says:


            So, children have no choice? How do we explain you and all the other Atheists? You are special, of course.

            Man without God has not changed much. Without God we are just like our ancestors, as savage and full of ourselves as we can be.

            You think yourself better than those Bronze Age savages? Would we would have impressed them? Why?

            You don’t like the fact that God ordered the Hebrews to kill the Canaanites, I suppose. I love to say I have a simple, straightforward explanation. I don’t. The Bible tells the story, but it doesn’t offer as much explanation as we would like. We just know that God hates sin, and the inequity of Canaanites was complete.

            Some suppose the great sin of the Canaanites is that they sacrificed their own children into the arms of burning hot idols. They awarded the title of priest to the people who conducted these sacrifices. Today we still sacrifice babies, but no one beats on drums to drown out their cries and screams. Instead, we award the title of doctor to those who terminate pregnancies by aborting the unborn in silence before they can be seen.

            Why hasn’t God ordered our destruction? I don’t know.

            Salvation leads to eternal life with God. Why would God, who is perfectly holy, want a sinner like me or you around for eternity? I don’t know, but I do know He will deal with our sin problem. An allpowerful God will not put up wit sin forever.

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