I wonder how long this will stay online.

The Washington Times has an article on the video above.

A slide presentation this summer instructed social studies teachers in Fairfax County Public Schools that “critical race theory is a frame” for their work, even though officials in Virginia’s largest school system say the pedagogy is not a part of the curriculum.

The slide presentation, titled “Renew, Reflect, Re-imagine: Enacting a Critical Lens for Student Empowerment,” was presented via Zoom in August during an in-service day for K-12 social studies teachers in Fairfax County. The presentation is available on YouTube, and The Washington Times has received a digital copy of it.

In the 2-hour, 45-minute presentation, critical race theory is listed as one of the “community engagement and communications” tools teachers should understand in the upcoming school year. Alicia Hunter, the K-12 social studies coordinator for Fairfax County Public Schools, leads the discussion.

Ms. Hunter turns over the discussion to Lisa Williams, the school district’s chief equity officer, who explains that critical race theory is “an academic frame” to describe lessons the teachers will use for the 2021-2022 school year.

Fairfax County schools told teachers critical race theory is a ‘frame’ for ‘our work’ – Washington Times

I have not had time to view the whole video. So, to some extent I am counting upon The Washington Times‘ assessment of the video. Since I am very busy right now, I don’t expect to view the video until the last half of next week. Sorry, but the darn thing is almost three hours long, and I suspect (at least I hope) most of it is harmless and boring. Nevertheless, the revelant content appears to start at about 2 hours and 16 minutes into the video, and I did listen to that. Suggest you do the same.

The video at least contains what The Washington Times claims what it contains, instructions to teachers to permeate their lessons with the doctrine of Critical Race Theory. That is extremely dangerous for a variety of reasons. The most important is that when our schools take it upon themselves to teach beliefs contrary to the parents of their students they jeopardize the efforts of parents to teach their children to become Christians.

Even for Secular Humanists and Atheists, however, their is a problem. What happens when those who run our public schools take it upon themselves to teach various isms and ideologies that are counter to the beliefs of parents? The public schools:

  • Undermine the respect students have for their parents and parental authority. Essentially, the public schools create a generation gap.
  • Divide society into warring tribes. Some parents succeed in overcoming the influence of the schools and their children retain traditional values. Others fail, however, and their children adopt the values being promoted by The Establishment that runs our schools. The result is that we no longer share the same values, and without shared values we cannot make the compromises necessary to govern ourselves as one people.

Look at what is going on in Washington DC. Consider the outrage at local school board meetings. Contemplate the fact that the strife we see is spreading to every level of government. Our conflicts are not regional. Our conflicts occur within our communities. How did that happen? Where did it start? First, men and women who hate America took over our universities. Now the teachers they taught are spreading their hatefilled ideologies in our local public schools by framing their instruction in a certain way.


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  1. Doug says:

    “First, men and women who hate America………” This statement alone is illustrative as to why there’s a severe political divide.

    • Tom Salmon says:


      Would you blame the victim for complaining about being raped? After all, the lady (or, less likely, a gentleman) so assaulted would have made the charge and used strong language.

      If you really have a justifiable complaint with what I said, then justify it. Justify teaching Critical Race Theory, if you can or dare. Otherwise, I have no reason to care what you think. It is just hot air.

  2. boudicaus says:

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