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As Greg Moulthrop ( explains it (see the video below), his race against Delegate Suhas Subramanyam ( for the seat in House of Delegates District 87 resulted from the complaints of parents against the Loudoun County School Board. Moulthrop decided the easiest way to fix the mess the school board had created would be to run for public office.

Moulthrop provides a frank and interesting interview. Even if you intend to (or already have voted) vote for Subramanyam, what Moulthrop has to say is worth hearing.

The NAACP provided Subramanyam an opportunity to answer questions at a slightly less partisan forum (see Candidates Meet at Loudoun NAACP Forum ( The issues discussed included education, police accountability, and racial equity. Below is what Subramanyam had to say about Critical Race Theory (which the Democrat candidates at the forum said “is not being taught in public schools.”

Subramanyam, who sits on the House’s education committee, pointed that out Loudoun’s dark past with racism in schools—being one of the last school districts in the country to integrate.

“Sometimes these things make people uncomfortable, and we have to talk about an uncomfortable past like segregation, which was rampant in Loudoun County in the past. … Even just a couple years ago a slave game was taught in one of our schools and that made the news,” Subramanyam said. “That’s how Loudoun County schools have made the news, even in recent history. So it’s time to change. And if all of that change that’s going to do good for our schools is going to be swept under this blanket called Critical Race Theory on an election year, then so be it.”

Candidates Meet at Loudoun NAACP Forum (

Loudoun Now has probably provided the most extensive coverage of this race.

What else is out there?

So, what information is available to help you decide how to vote? Voter Guides for the House of Delegates races are somewhat scarce, but we have our own. See the notice below. Note that Moulthrop responded to our survey. Here are some additional voter guides.

Subramanyam, because he is an incumbent has a voting record, is a relatively well known quantity. Moulthrop’s positions, because of poor news coverage, are more slightly more difficult to discern. Hence, we can compare Subramanyam’s votes against our own beliefs (see the scorecards below), but we may be a little less certain where Moulthrop stands. So, if you are unhappy with Subramanyam and leaning towards Moulthrop, you may wish to visit his website, attend one of his events, and/or try to call him.

In addition, consider two other sources.

  • See Suhas Subramanyam ( and Gregory_Moulthrop ( Neither candidate filled out Ballotpedia‘s survey, but there is still useful information.
  • Elections: House of Delegates District 87 ( contains useful information on who is funding each of the candidates. It is worthwhile checking out who is funding each of the candidates and considering how that affects their loyalty to their party and donors, including out of state donors.


Please link to our voter guides: VOTER GUIDES FOR CANDIDATES RUNNING FOR THE HOUSE OF DELEGATES IN PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY | Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance (

Please post our flyer on public bulletin boards or leave copies on tables so that voters can pick it up and share it:

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