About Us (and Resources)

About the Prince William – Manassas Family Alliance

The Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance is a group dedicated to supporting and promoting the values inherent in the concept of family. Families are the basic foundation upon which the rest of society is based, yet we tend to take the existence of the family for granted. The structure of marriage and family as traditionally understood have come under increasing attack in recent decades.

We are associated with the Family Foundation, a state-wide organization in Virginia with a similar mission, only with a fulltime staff in Richmond. The Family Foundation, in turn, is associated with the Family Research Council and Dr James Dobson’s Focus on the Family organizations at the national and international levels.

Some of our major areas of concern are supporting human life from conception to natural death, ensuring a solid educational grounding for our young citizens, including the moral basis for our nation’s founding, strengthening the institution of marriage, and making it possible to defend families from the worst aspects of our secular culture.

The pages of this Web site are here to help bring in a wider array of voices into the various debates that are going on regarding the future direction of our state and our nation. Feel free to add your voice regarding the issues that concern you the most.

Board of Directors:

President/Director: Denny Daugherty
Vice Chairman/Director: Ruth Dale
Secretary/Director: Tom Salmon
Treasurer/Director: Jose Cossio

Carol Czarkowski

Barbara Dodge

Giovanna Nall

Matt Truong

Contact Tom Salmon for further information.