Take A Stand

We can’t stand up for Prince William’s and Manassas’ families by ourselves and win the battle alone. Are you willing to help? Will you join us? Please provide us some information. Please send us a letter (using the post office box provided below), send us an email addressed to salmon_richard@hotmail.com, or use our Basic Contact Form.  Just make certain you provide us way to get back to you.

Snail Mail Option

Please give as generously as you can. Also, if you can pitch in with your time, that would be a tremendous PLUS!


___ YES, count me in — I am pledging $_________ per month starting now.

___ YES, count me in — I am making a current one-time donation of $________

___   Please keep me informed.

___   I am interested in attending your meetings.

___   I may be able to help at times (distribute voter guides, be a church liaison, write letters to editor, meet with legislators, etc.)

___   I am willing to help with the website.

___   I am mainly interested in helping by _______________________________________________________

Name ________________________________________________________

Phone _______________________

Street _______________________________________

City, State & Zip  _______________________________

Email address _____________________________________

Total amount enclosed $________________

Send to Prince William & Manassas Family Alliance, P.O. Box 4047, Woodbridge VA 22194

Basic Contact Form

Our Tax Status

Prince William & Manassas Family Alliance, Inc. is organized and operates as a 501(c)(4) organization, gifts to which are not deductible for Federal income tax purposes.