1919 Ford Motor Car and Truck operating manual (from here (
Why do automobile companies go to the trouble of putting together an owner’s manual? Cars are complicated. Eventually, everyone gives up and uses their owner’s manual.

It’s an old joke.

When all else fails, read the instructions.

Look around. Lots of people are upset with other people (see Americans are the unhappiest they’ve been in 50 years, poll finds ( Why? There are innumerable excuses. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and now the angst surrounding the George Floyd riots obviously contribute to the unhappiness of Americans with our country, but there are really too many excuses to list. Still, this unhappiness is an odd thing. We live in a rich country. We are still a free people. So long as we do not infringe upon the rights of our fellow citizens, we each have the right to do whatever we are capable of doing. So what is the problem? When we have more freedom and more material wealth than the people of our country have ever had, why are so many of countrymen unhappy with our country?

Can we actually figure out what is going in the minds of millions of other people? No. We can speculate. We can make what some people would call an educated guess, but that is about it.

So, how do we figure out the answer? Well, we can check the owner’s manual. If we want to know why our country is not working properly, we need to know how the people who set it up expected it to work. That is, there are three types of documents we need to study.

So, why do I think people are unhappy? For generations Americans have allowed government officials to take responsibility for the education of their children. For generations we have been foolhardy. We have allowed people nobody trusts, politicians, to educate the people most precious to us, our children. As a result, we have failed to educate our children properly. Therefore, few Americans now know how to be good citizens.

  • Because we have not read the Bible, we don’t know what God expects from us. Too few of us understand the joy we receive by humbly obeying our Lord God and serving each other. Instead, too many of us serve ourselves and seek to elevate our own self esteem above all.
  • Because we have not read the classics of Western Civilization, we don’t know how to stand upon the shoulders of the great men and women to lived before us so that we can see farther.

    If I have seen farther than others, it is because I was standing on the shoulders of giants.Isaac Newton (from here)

    The purpose of studying subjects like science, philosophy and history is that such studies enable us to learn what the people who went before us learned. Unless we choose to remain ignorant, we don’t have to repeat past mistakes.

  • Because we have not been taught to take the past seriously, to take the challenges our ancestors overcame seriously, we don’t take our nation’s founders seriously. Therefore, we don’t take what the founders wrote seriously, and we don’t know what our government is supposed to do and how it is supposed to work.

So what is my conclusion? To properly teach our children how to obey our Lord God and be good citizens, we each must learn how to obey our Lord God and become good citizens. That includes taking responsibility for the proper education of our children.

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Soviet poster circa 1925. Title translation: “Abortions induced by grandma or self-taught midwives not only maim the woman, they also often lead to death” (from here (
Because of the controversy over abortion, the regulation of abortion clinics is difficult. Hence, the picture above can be somewhat ironic.

Two women seeking abortions at the Clinics for Abortion and Reproductive Excellence (CARE) in Bethesda, MD, suffered grave complications on May 12 and 21, 2020. Each woman was rushed to a hospital in Rockville where they underwent surgery. Both were gravely ill when they were admitted.

Both women mentioned above were 25 weeks pregnant, meaning their babies approached the time when, though premature, they could have lived if born naturally. In each instance, Carhart (or an associate) perforated the woman’s uterus and shoved some or most of the dead baby into the mother’s  abdominal cavity through the resulting hole.

The woman on May 12 had so much damage to her colon ?from an instrument? that she had to have a resection and colostomy. Due to hemorrhaging, she also needed multiple transfusions of blood and remained in the hospital for nine days!

The victim on May 21 had to have a hysterectomy that prevents her from ever carrying another pregnancy. Her uterus was severely torn and she bled so heavily that she required four units of blood to survive. Her entire baby was shoved with seeming great force through the uterine tear into her abdominal cavity! The mother also was hospitalized for nine days for what should have been a ‘simple’ abortion!

CARE is owned and operated by LeRoy Harrison Carhart, Jr, who also has an abortion facility in Nebraska. Carhart has no hospital admitting privileges in either state. His is one of few clinics in the mid-Atlantic region that openly performs abortions throughout the nine months of pregnancy.

The CARE and its Nebraska ‘sister’ have a total of 21 emergencies since 2012, most of which required an ambulance transfer to a hospital. Who would ever trust going to either clinic or allow a loved one to do so?

Among those mishaps is the death of a 29-year old white female in 2013. On autopsy, the pathologist attributed her death to: “the presence of amniotic material in the blood initiating the coagulative/consumptive phase of DIC and resulting in dysfunction of multiple organs” (

DIC stands for disseminated intravascular coagulation or blood clots in various organs. What has never been explained is how amniotic fluid from the uterus got into the patient’s blood stream. Dr. Carhart has never been held responsible for the woman’s death.

Because of his advancing age, it is believed Carhart brings in younger ‘abortionists-in-training’ to perform most or all of the abortions done at CARE. However, it was Carhart himself who placed the alert call to the hospital on May 21.

Maryland is one of eight states that allows the abortion of a baby regardless of gestational age. Fortunately, in Richmond that was proposed for Virginia, but did not gain legislative support. Do not believe it will not be reintroduced in the near future, however.

Many other abortion laws enacted to protect the unborn infant and mother were eradicated in Richmond in 2020. That means the abortion business can flourish in Virginia unimpeded by rules that require cleanliness and a 24-hour waiting period between a mother’s ultrasound of her baby and the scheduled abortion, so the mother can change her mind and keep her baby.

Election day is June 23. Yes, it’s a primary, but every conservative that cares about our country needs to step up to the plate and vote for pro-life candidates. If we don’t, do not believe the ‘other side’ will hesitate to further demolish the sanctity of life. Ours is a critical time! Act now!

Additional References

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

Elections matter! Are you getting ready to participate in the choice of candidates for the Republican Party’s nomination? Check out:

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What is there about abortion that draws pregnant women in? Why have so many infants lost their lives to an abortionist’s tools?

1. Fear is perhaps the most driving force:
Fear or shame of being pregnant .
Fear of trying to raise a child alone.
Fear of parents’ wrath or even rejection.
Fear they’ll lose their boyfriend or husband if they carry the pregnancy to term.

2. Inconvenience of being pregnant:
Inconvenience because of school or career.
Inconvenience because pregnancy itself interferes with wild lifestyle.
Inconvenience of raising a child who will hamper the mother’s lifestyle or career.
Inconvenience because of physical changes that will alter mother’s ‘beauty.’

3. Expense at all levels:
Cannot afford birthing costs; abortion is cheaper.
Cannot afford to raise a child and work.
Cannot afford to go to school and pay a babysitter.
Cannot afford a larger living space to accommodate a baby.

4. Ignorance about abortion and its results:
Not knowing the baby within them is more than just a blob, cells, tissue or an ‘it.’
Not knowing there are lasting effects like depression that follow an abortion.
Not knowing that frequently a woman cannot become pregnant again after an abortion.
Not knowing that abortion is murder and God hates murder.
Not knowing that God loves and will forgive the mother.
Not knowing that God will help the mom raise her child if she will carry it to term.

Abortionists use any or all of the above reasons to coerce and move pregnant women to have an abortion. Their concern is not for the frightened, often ‘cornered’ or desperate woman, but for their own pocket book…their own bottom line. They play on women’s fears and ignorance to get them up on the surgical table. Once there, it’s nearly impossible for the girl or woman to change her mind and win (Martin Fox,, National Pro-Life Alliance, “Killing the truth,” June 18, 2020).

Abortion is a business that preys on vulnerable, pregnant young women to their detriment. While there still is time, please go to and sign the petition to stop the Virginia Right-To-Abortion amendment to Virginia’s constitution. Once that amendment is ratified, it will be impossible to introduce any more legislation to ban abortion or to enact protections for the mother and her unborn child. Please act today and sign!! Thank you!

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

Elections matter! Are you getting ready to participate in the choice of candidates for the Republican Party’s nomination? Check out:

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