When a woman considers having an abortion, she often thinks what is growing inside of her is a blob of cells or tissue. Somehow, the word “fetus” makes it not seem like a baby at all. It’s easier to have an abortion that way.

But often when that same woman is shown an ultrasound of the baby developing within her uterus, she has a change of heart and opinion. She chooses not to go through with the abortion after all. A life is spared!

Planned Parenthood does not like that option. Every abortion means dollars in their coffers and baby parts that can and will be used to make cosmetics, vaccines, and who knows what? There’s money in the sale of baby organs and tissues. So Planned Parenthood certainly opposes mandatory showing of the ultrasound to the pregnant ‘customer.’ She might change her mind!

It’s a known fact that Planned Parenthood pours big bucks into the campaigns of politicians who will support PP’s agenda and promote “women’s health” options that include abortion. We saw that happen in Richmond earlier this year when legislators overturned the laws and policies that required ultrasound presentation to women contemplating an abortion.

Now in Virginia it’s no longer a law to show women an ultrasound. That will help up the number of abortions performed in our fair state! Legislators also made it legal for nurse practitioners to perform abortions, an invasive procedure previously done only by physicians. With the law open to others performing abortions, no telling how long it will be before it’s legal for almost anyone to perform an abortion.

Abortions ought to be performed using sterile instruments in an operating room well-disinfected between patients. But the legislature also struck down the rules mandating proper cleaning and hygiene in abortion suites. That opens the door to infection, a sad outcome for getting rid of a living human being, too. Past inspections of ‘abortion clinics’ have found unsavory conditions that endanger the welfare of the patient; her baby is already endangered!!

So, during this time of quarantine with more time to think about the future, carefully consider who you will vote for in the primaries and national election on November 5. Our nation’s integrity is in the crosshairs of those who want to overthrow decency, moral values and God, in particular. They hate religion and want to destroy Christianity.

Walmart is selling out of Bibles! People are looking for answers from God, because the coronavirus has brought us to our knees as a nation. Let us repent of our laxity in allowing the awful atrocity of abortion to continue, vote for candidates who will reverse the downward trend, and ask God for His mercy on our country. It’s not too late!

Check out the National Prolife Alliance. Here on their Facebook page is what they say about showing a pregnant woman considering abortion an ultrasound scan of her unborn baby = >

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

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COVID-19 has altered our personal lives temporarily. Schools and many businesses have closed, meaning families are staying home to observe social distancing in the community. To a large extent parents telework from home, meaning they must continue working, regardless of location.

Being together for this extended period of time gives families the opportunity to do things together. But what about the inevitable ‘cabin fever’? Usually cabin fever rears its ugly head if we’re snowed in after a storm, and that confinement lasts just a few days to a week. This quarantine will continue much longer.

Keeping the kids occupied at home is a real challenge! You may be tempted to let them use TV, video games and smart phones hours on end to keep them quiet and occupied while you work. However:

Prolonged regular indulgence in social media and electronic stimulation hinders development of essential pathways for social interaction and interdependence in young developing brains…and brain development isn’t complete until we reach our mid-twenties! If they don’t develop at the correct stage of maturation in children and youth, those budding pathways shrink and go away. A few years down the road, your kids may have difficulty at job interviews or getting along on the job when interacting with other people face-to-face (“Disconnected: How to Reconnect Our Digitally Distracted Kids”, Thomas Kersting, 2016).

Quarantine because of coronavirus will extend at least a month and may be longer, depending on the virus’ spread. That is when families have to be creative and find ways to keep home life at a happier hum by doing things together:

  1. Decide to have a favorite food or meal once or twice a week. Because shopping is curtailed, use caution in how you use your available supplies. Perhaps making popcorn or cookies or fixing homemade hot chocolate will fill the bill!
  2. Schedule the times you check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. If you’re a young parent, you may also have fallen prey to absorption with social media and have difficulty socially interacting, even with your own family.
  3. Now is a good time to purposefully intend to do things together as a family:

    –If it’s a nice day, take a walk together through the neighborhood. Still maintaining a distance of six feet from friends you meet along the way, you can check on the status of folks in your community and perhaps identify needs they have where you can help. Your kids will have a first-rate example in participating with you to assist a neighbor!

    –Clean the garage or basement. Projects like this are often long over-due.–Go through closets and weed out clothing, toys, games, etc. that no longer fit or are age-appropriate. Make it a family project. Put together a box of kid stuff to donate to the church nursery or child care room or a family that can use it later.

    –Make something together. Use Youtube or on-line videos to learn a craft, make woodworking projects, tie unique knots, make fishing lures or whatever piques your interest.

    –Work outdoors on your gardens and lawn. Teach your kids the difference between garden plants and weeds! The fresh air will strengthen your immune system and provide a physical outlet for your pent-up energy.

    –Read a good book together. If you don’t have a print book on hand, download an e-book app and find either free e-books or buy them on-line for your computer or smart phone. Take turns reading aloud to the rest of the family or be the primary reader, but do it together!

    –Draw or paint pictures or even redo a piece of furniture you’ve been putting off rehabbing. Make it a family project! Working with you will enlarge your kids’ scope of skills and interest.

    –Write letters to friends and family members. This art is almost lost, but not all folks have a computer or smart phone. A personal note in the mail can bring lots of joy to someone you care about. Make your own stationery if you don’t have note cards on hand. Let your kids design notecards you use!

    –Play board games together. Not on-line, but from a box! Scrabble, Candyland, Clue, maybe checkers, chess—learn how to play on-line if you must, but then work at becoming champs together!

    –Solve a jigsaw puzzle with 1000 pieces! Let it be your on-going project with everyone contributing…or at least trying to!

    –Bake a batch of sugar cookies the kids can decorate with frosting and sprinkles. Give prizes for the most original design. The prettiest, the funkiest—you decide!

    –Read the Bible and pray daily together! Ask God to bless your family and help you walk pleasing to Him. Ask God to bless our leaders as they decide what to do to protect us. Ask God to turn our nation back to serving and honoring Him!

    –Memorize a Bible verse a day! Post them on the refrigerator or family bulletin board. Learned early, your kids will remember the Word into their futures.

While the list isn’t exhaustive, it may get your juices flowing to make COVID-19 quarantine a pleasant memory in a few weeks. In the meantime, capitalize on the inconvenience and have fun as a family…and thank God for the opportunity!!

— Posted by Tom Salmon for Doris, a fellow member of the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance

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Action Alert from The Family Foundation: Urge Gov. Northam to Protect Churches and Religious Schools!

Image depicted on the left is the Venus (female) symbol. Image depicted on the right is the Mars (male) symbol. (from here)

SB 868 Discrimination; prohibited in public accommodations, etc., causes of action is awaiting Governor Ralph Northam’s signature. The title, since all discrimination is now supposedly awful, makes the bill sound great, but the idea is to make our government the arbiter of public morality. Don’t we all admire the high moral standards of politicians?

Since the bill is utterly foolish, The Family Foundation issued an action alert. They want everyone to hound Northam into amending the bill to protect churches and religious schools from this stupidity (see below). Personally, I think subject legislation needs to be fought on First Amendment grounds to protect EVERYONE’S freedom of religion. So, I don’t think asking for an exemption makes sense. Instead, I think Christians need to practice civil disobedience and refuse to obey an immoral law. We are made in the image of God, not Caesar.

Nevertheless, to show how desperate the situation is becoming, I have forwarded this email.

Victoria Cobb, President
Tuesday, March 17, 2020

There is no time to wait! You must contact Governor Northam TODAY about SB 868 (D-Ebbin), which for the first time in our laws, establishes and elevates to a specially favored status the subjective and fluid concepts of “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” (SOGI).  While the entire bill is highly problematic, please urge the Governor to at least make sure to add critical protections for churches, religious schools and other religious organizations!

Click HERE to contact Governor Northam and urge him to ensure critical protections for churches, religious schools, and nonprofit ministries!

As you may recall, after much pressure the Senate initially agreed to add one of our key amendments to HB 1663 (D-Sickles) (the companion bill to SB 868) to ensure churches and religious schools were not deemed “places of public accommodation,” thus opening them up to targeted lawsuits. Accomplishing that would have given the Governor two versions to choose from, one with better protections for religious freedom. But the House rejected that amendment, forcing a Conference Committee (3 Delegates and 3 Senators) to try to work out an agreement on the language.

Rather than allowing the possibility of the Governor choosing between a version with protections for religious organizations and one without protections, the other sidemade the extraordinary decision to KILL their own bill, HB 1663! It also seems likely they wanted to avoid more public exposure of their true intentions to target religious groups!

SB 868 is now before the Governor awaiting action, and we need him to amend the bill to add meaningful protections for religious organizations. The thousands of emails, calls, and personal contacts you helped make this session finally broke through enough to force legislators to act, and now they could help influence the Governor to act.

Please Continue to Pray and contact Governor Northam NOW to urge him to ensure critical religious liberty protections!

This action alert is also available here.

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