Prince William & Manassas Family Alliance (PWMFA) 2019 Spring Fundraiser

Keynote Speaker

Robert G. “Delegate Bob” Marshall will explain what Christians can do to reclaim America’s republic.


Date and Time

Saturday, April 6 at 6:00 PM

5:30 PM – Cash Bar; 6:30 PM – Dinner Begins

9:00 PM – Adjourn



City Tavern

9550 Center Street Manassas, VA 20110



If you intend to come, please RSVP by snail mail by March 30th.

Single $50/Couple $90

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Virginia State Delegate Robert G. (Bob) Marshall and Cathy, his wife of 41 years. (Photo by Luke Fontana)

Biography for Delegate Robert G. “Bob” Marshall

Elected Member, Virginia House of Delegates (1992-2018, January)

Won 13 general elections and represented the 13th House district for 26 years. Authored 65+ laws, bills and Budget Amendments including those that protected privacy, defunded Planned Parenthood, protected jurors from intimidation by gangs, amended Virginia’s Constitution to affirm traditional Marriage, and banned Partial Birth Abortion. Won 7-0 decision in Virginia’s Supreme Court ending unelected taxing authorities.

Congressional Assistant: Worked Six Years for Three Members of Congress:

Sen. Jeremiah Denton, (R-AL) as Subcommittee Director; assisted Senator Denton on Senate floor to pass Title XX of the U.S. Public Health Service Act to establish Abstinence Education.

Congressman Bob Dornan, (R-CA) as Legislative & Senior Legislative Assistant;

Congressman John Blatnik, (DFL-MN) Chairman, Public Works Committee; Legislative Clerk.

Devised successful amendments which remain federal law in various forms:

  • Devised language in 1973 to block Legal Services Corporation (LSC) from funding abortion litigation. LSC did legal research for Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton abortion decisions.
  • Provided results of friend’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request which provided the number of abortions funded under Medicaid to Congressman Bob Bauman (R-MD) who asked then freshman Congressman Henry Hyde (R-IL) to amend HEW (now HHS) Appropriations Bill to prohibit abortion funding (Hyde Amendment).
  • Devised abortion funding prohibitions for Congressman Bob Dornan for US Military, District of Columbia, Foreign Affairs and Federal Civil Service. Devised a successful appropriations amendment to protect religious schools from I.R.S. intimidation during Jimmy Carter’s Administration.

Executive Office of the President: Reviewed grants for Office of Economic Opportunity.

Public Policy Research Consultant: Family Research Council, American Life League, Concerned Women for America.

Book Author:

Blessed are the Barren (co-author with Charles A. Donovan), a heavily documented social history of Planned Parenthood, with forwards by John Cardinal O’Connor of New York and Dr. Bernard Nathanson (NARAL Founder who became pro-life activist); 1990, Ignatius Press, San Francisco, 371 pages.

Reclaiming the Republic “A to Z” civics for Christians and Conservatives. “Pulls back the curtain on the structure of government so that motivated Chris­tians can expose and defeat the work of secularists.” Tan Press, Charlotte, NC, 248 pages.

“No one knows the intersection of theory and practice better than Bob Marshall … Reclaiming the Republic speaks in the language of moral princi­ple and political street smarts on behalf of the highest things.” —Robert R. Reilly, Chairman, the Committee for Western Civilization

Public Policy Articles Published in Richmond Times, Virginian Pilot, Roanoke Times, Winchester Star and other Virginia papers.

State Legislative Experience — Knows How to Work the System:

Marshall’s opponents “… admit he’s extremely smart, very personable, and unfortunately for them, effective.” (Richmond Times 5/9/03)

“Marshall … combines a … sense of morality with a keen mastery of parliamentary procedure … Marshall has also been a defender of children with disabilities.” Richmond Times, 2/26/12

“…known for his encyclopedic knowledge of the House procedural rules…” (Fredericksburg Free Lance Star, 1-8-08)

“Del. Bob Marshall, one of the body’s most creative conservative minds …” (Washington Post 1/30/09)

“Marshall’s legislative creativity knows no rival in Richmond.  A bill drafting giant, he is smart, principled and owns a sizeable sense of humor.”  Charlottesville Daily Progress, 2004

Independent – Does Not Go Along to Get Along

“Marshall doesn’t hesitate to break with his party … initiating … the successful legal challenge to a 2007 road-finance plan thrown out by the Virginia Supreme Court as taxation without representation.  There’s little about Marshall’s record to suggest he’s go-along, get-along.”  (Richmond Times, 1/22/12)

“Lawmakers describe him as principled and intelligent. Some see him as a maverick, prone to bucking trends from either side of the aisle.”  Washington Post 1/12/09

“Del. Bob Marshall … is one of the last great crusaders in the General Assembly, follows his conscience, no matter how unpopular or inconvenient the results …” (Washington Post, 3-4-08)

“If any officeholder is unmoved by sheer politics … It’s Bob Marshall.”  (Waynesboro News Virginian 1/29/12)

Protects Fundamental Rights

“Marshall wrote the marriage amendment to the Virginia Constitution … the Virginia Health Care Freedom Act of 2010, the basis of the state’s court challenge of the federal health-care law …” (Washington Post, 1/17/12) 

“The General Assembly’s most outspoken and persistent abortion foe …” (Associated Press, Richmond, 1/7/08)  

Thinks Ahead

“… to his credit, Delegate Robert G. Marshall … saw what was coming … Mr. Marshall introduced legislation to prevent precisely what the Supreme Court has allowed in New London, Connecticut … His bill failed, primarily because other lawmakers did not boast similar powers of prescience … We only wish that Bob Marshall’s colleagues had listened to him way back when.”    (Winchester Star Editorial, 5-25-05)

Formal Education:

A.A. Montgomery College; B.A, Belmont Abbey College; M.A California State University


Please come and hear Bob Marshall. Signed copies of Marshall’s book, Reclaiming the Republic: How Christians and Other Conservatives Can Win Back America, will be available for purchase.

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