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No parent intentionally allows harm to come to their children. No parent willfully neglects their offspring…but their ignorance can cause irreversible changes that affect kids’ brains. Parents can control those changes. Namely, are you managing your kids’ use of electronic … Continue reading

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“They knew their Trotsky, their Lenin, their Adolph Hitler. What did all of these men say? ‘Give me the children and I will own the nation’s future.’” Sebastian Gorka so paraphrased the methodology of the Nazis and Soviets in taking … Continue reading

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King Solomon Blog, Blaine Folly of Religious Bigotry to End? — Reblogged

One of the things most Americans have forgotten is the extent to which religious bigotry has been used to protect the public school monopoly. Therefore, if you have never heard of “Blaine Amendments”, you will find it worthwhile to read King … Continue reading

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